We’ve been searching, evaluating and acquiring micro SaaS deals for some time. If you’re getting into this space, we can help you.

We’ve been working on micro SaaS acquisitions for 18 months now. Over this time we’ve looked at hundreds opportunities, had conversations with their founders/owners, and analyzed dozens of SaaS businesses. We’ve advanced through different stages and ultimately closed a couple of deals.

At this point, we’re pretty confident in our approach and process for sub $500k acquisitions. If you’re looking to get into this space and would like some support in deals under or around this size, we can help you:

Build your acquisition profile #

Based on your budget, operating model, acquisition goals, areas of expertise, and risk appetite, we can help you define which kinds of deals suit you best (in terms of revenue, technology, market, growth, and financial performance). With a clear acquisition profile, your search efforts will be much more efficient and targeted.

Evaluate and model target deals #

If you’re considering a specific deal and would like a second set of eyes evaluating it, we can help you. We’ll provide you with a list of documents and data exports that the seller should share. We’ll plug those numbers into our modeling tools and based on your acquisition profile, give you our opinion on valuation range, and whether it’s a good fit for you or not.

Perform technical due diligence #

If you’ve got a deal under LOI but don’t have the technical skills in house to perform technical due diligence on it, we can help you. We’ll go over the product’s architecture, infrastructure and code, and we’ll provide you with a report about its quality, risks, and technical debt. This will help you decide whether to move forward or not, and if so, how your team should be set up to take on the product.

Let’s talk #

We’re always happy to meet other people in the micro SaaS space. If you’d like to know more about our services book a free call.