Acquisition Sidenote #2: Sheet Best

We acquired Sheet Best, a product with the same initials as our first one.

Daniel Zacarias Daniel Zacarias

Daniel Zacarias

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New year, new product[1].

We’re excited to say that we just acquired another product, but just to screw with our internal coding system, it shares the same initials with our first one. It’s called Sheet Best, and it’s a tool to create REST/JSON APIs from Google Sheets.

As we’ve mentioned before, it’s taken us a lot longer than we originally anticipated to find the right products for us. Given our model, the financials, subscription and product metrics are only part of the picture. The scope (“surface area”) and operational needs of the product also have to be small enough that we can take them on ourselves, even after accounting for its near-term growth opportunities. That’s proven to narrow the field dramatically.

Sheet Best was previously owned by the fine folks at XO Capital. We’ve followed their journey for some time, and when we saw that it was available, we knew it ticked many of our boxes. You should also read their perspective and history with the product here.

So here we are. We’re eager to move entirely into execution mode and with this one on the books, we can now say that we’re looking to add just one more product in the $50-$60k ARR range to close our initial portfolio. If you’re selling, we’d love to chat.

  1. We know, it’s been a while since one of our updates but we’ll catch you up soon enough 🙂 ↩︎

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